Project Ballet Students Showcase Dazzling Talent

Project Ballet welcomed families and friends to their annual Student Choreography Showcase earlier this month.

The local studio is a space where those ages 3-18 go to learn the many variations of the artistic dance genre, and it also doubles as a performing arts middle and high school that provides ballet training for the region’s youth.

Within their many performances throughout the year, including the Nutcracker last winter and their upcoming spring rendition of Snow White, the students worked hard to put on a showcase that displayed the unique talent that each student possesses, whether it be ballet or another genre of dance.

Pictured is the cast and crew of this year’s Student Choreography Showcase (credit: @project.ballet)

“It was a lot of hard work put in behind the scenes of the show,” said Violet Hahn, student director and choreographer of this year’s showcase. “I had to test out different lighting and modify it to meet all the choreographers’ visions.”

Hahn also discussed coordinating costumes for each of the pieces, making sure transitions ran smoothly, and transforming one of the studio rooms into both a stage and a seated area for audience members to come and watch their loved ones perform.

“It was entirely a student-ran production,” said Beth McLeish, CEO and artistic director at Project Ballet. “We do this every year to ensure our students get the experience of directing a show and to stress that behind-the-scenes work is just as important as the performance itself.”

Molly Hahn, the mother of the student director of this year’s show, had only compliments to the group.

“The culture of support and encouragement that the students and staff have created is fantastic,” Molly said. “The students thrive in this tight-knit environment.”

Project Ballet offers many different accommodations for their students to ensure that they not only get exceptional ballet training, but also obtain a good-standing education to bring with them into the next step of their lives.

Meanwhile, their supporters get to enjoy a series of captivating performances that showcase their dazzling talents as overall dancers.

If you missed the showcase, you can still catch it here:

If you or someone you know is interested in the artistic ways of Project Ballet, you can visit them at or visit their Instagram @project.ballet for more information.