State of the Unity

Jillian Speece and Emily Coverstone

As Americans become divided throughout the nation, an Indie-Rock band known as The Bergamot have set out to unite America through a timely journey to all 50 states.

The band is made up of husband-wife duo, South Bend natives, and IPFW alumni, Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece.

The Bergaomt has shared the stage with many other artists such as the Barenaked Ladies, All American Rejects, X-Ambassadors, Young the Giant, and more.

On January 2nd, 2016 Hoff and Speece set out on tour to all 50 states of America in hopes of spreading a message of unity through performing 265 shows and by inviting the curious to sign their message of unity on their station wagon known as The Unity Car. (watch the trailer here)

Throughout their journey, The Unity Car wound up being adorned in messages of unity from people all throughout the nation who supported the duo and wanted to become united with those either in the same state as them or on the other side of the country.

One should know that every journey has its rough patches, this means Hoff and Speece had their limits tested. Yet, with their love for each other, God, and people met throughout their journey, they kept on traveling and finished their State of the Unity after 6.5 years.

According to the State of the Unity Directors Statement written by Jillian Speece, she said, “Out on the road, we learned unity starts within, in your mirror, at your kitchen table, on your street with your neighbors, in your community, state, country, and then in the world”.

Earlier last month on Oct. 7, they brought the film to Heartland International Film Festival and screened State of the Unity at Newsfield with a Q&A and live performance by the Bergamot.

“We hope our documentary, “State of the Unity”, can give you a bit of hope and inspiration you can take with you into your daily life” said Speece.

To learn more about The Bergamot and their journey, read the State of the Unity Directors Statement written by Jillian Speece.

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