Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne are closing campus doors until next week.

Wednesday, February 2, Thursday, February 3, and Friday, February 4 there will be no on-campus classes due to the expected inclement weather.

Enjoy the snow days, and be safe!


Note from the editor:

Purdue Fort Wayne’s Thanksgiving Break for Fall 2021 is November 24-28, Wednesday through Sunday. I encourage all of us to use this time to reflect and be grafetul for what we have.

Holidays are hard for many families who have lost loved ones and are going through hardships, and American history has warped many conversations on what this Thursday is meant to represent. Perhaps this time can be used to learn more about the context of Thanksgiving, or find what it means to you to be involved in a season of giving.

The semester is winding down QUICKLY, but we still have a few weeks to wrap up assignments and projects. Open newsroom hours will continue twice a week, unless otherwise announced, until Tuesday, December 14.

Hope to see you next Tuesday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.!

The Importance of Accuracy

Written by: Sam Whiting and Megan Mantica

Wednesday afternoon we retracted a previously published story from our webpage.

We made this decision after the author of the article submitted a new story containing several inaccuracies in directly quoted material. This is a serious breach of journalistic integrity because the value of news is determined by its accuracy.

As a precaution, we removed the original article because we no longer held confidence in the reporter’s understanding of journalistic fundamentals, specifically those dealing with direct quotes.

We accept responsibility for publishing a story that does not meet basic journalistic standards.

We apologize to our readers, reporters and sources. We value the accuracy of our publication and will check with our reporters to make sure that they have an adequate understanding about the importance of truth and accuracy in order to be sure all of our published stories meet journalistic standards.