SAB Kicks Off Homecoming With Crafting For A Cause

To kick off homecoming, PFW’s Student Activities Board held an event to warm hearts and bodies: Blankets and Bracelets.

The event was held on Feb. 6 and students gathered to tie blankets for charity and make friendship bracelets for themselves. A variety of snacks were offered and a mix of background music and movies kept energies up.

“We just wanted something kind of cozy and fun for homecoming week,” said Elizabeth Lassiter, SAB Chair. “You know, everyone’s starting to come back from break so we wanted to do a kind of event where people could kind of destress and do something for a good cause.”

That cause is the Rescue Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to “provid[ing]…a home for the homeless, food for the hungry and hope for their future,” according to their mission statement.

“Especially with it being really really cold… we want to make sure we take care of our Fort Wayne community and try to lend a helping hand,” said Sydney Coyne, fellow SAB Chair.

There was a mild sense of surprise among the attendees that they were donating blankets made rather than the students keeping them, but students were given a PFW branded blanket to take home in exchange.

“I did not [know the blankets would be donated] but I’m not upset,” said PFW transfer student Kailani Johnson. “I love giving back to the community, especially because it was at no cost of my own except time.”

Kailani Johnson (Left) and friend Lilly Buchanan (Right) show off their finished blanket

That seemed to be the general opinion among the students. The line to enter wrapped around the corner before the event officially began and students continued to filter in throughout the night. The SAB hosts were pleased with the turnout, especially considering PFW’s large commuter population.

“To see so many students come out for an event after 5 p.m. is really really nice,” Lassiter said.

Lassiter has had her college experience improved by campus events and joined the SAB to spread the positive impact. 

“To be able to be one of the people that helps people get out of their dorm, get out of their house and do something fun, it’s actually really fulfilling.” 

And for Johnson, it was her first time attending a PFW event and it left a good impression.

“The vibes are good, it’s been a good time.”