Some Foam Fun in the Sun!

Lindsay Burke

Fall 2023

Fort Wayne, Ind – Purdue University Fort Wayne student housing held their annual welcome back events this week, starting with the notorious “Foam at the Disco” party on Wednesday evening. 

The student housing organization has been impactful in welcoming the university’s students, near and far. This social gathering has provided students and staff with the opportunity to socialize and create yearlong relationships. 

Journalism student, Emily Coverstone spoke highly of the event. “It’s a great way for students of any academic level to get to know one another and create friendships,” she said. “Classes can be tough sometimes, so it’s a great way to take a break from classes and just have fun.”

Marc Wanzer, another attendee of this year’s party, said that it was a fun opportunity to participate in events he hasn’t attended before in his three years as a PFW student. 

“I loved just walking around and seeing everything that was going on and being offered,” Wanzer said. “The same goes for the other events. It could be a mini horse in front of Helmke or free subs and shirts out in the Science Mall.” 

Developing a positive experience for students, especially those incoming, is vital to their success. According to Megan Lester, events such as this are an opportunity to learn just how involved the PFW faculty wants to be with the students. 

“They offer so many events and activities throughout the year to keep us from becoming too stressed,” Lester said. “And they also want to make sure that not only is college a fantastic learning experience but also a fun experience.”

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